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External Threat

Zero Day Attacks, OS, software and other such vulnerabilities present an external threat to Governments and Corporations that when exploited, poses a major threat to their most sensitive information assets. Significant investments are made in cyber-security solutions, threat detection tools, hardware, qualified personnel, and other related resources in attempt to thwart these threats. Yet despite what some experts may lead you to believe, nothing will prevent a highly skilled, well resourced, and ambitious attacker from penetrating your network.

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Internal Threat

Employee carelessness and susceptibility to social engineering are just a couple examples of internal threats that can yield the same results as targeted cyber attacks. These vulnerabilities often result in ransomware and complete governance of your IT system.

"As we move into a serialized world the secure databases of product and event information that trading partners will use to comply with regulations will be the target for the counterfeiters.

The database will be the "Holy Grail" quest for the sophisticated counterfeiters.

By sophisticated I mean those interested in injecting large quantities of falsified medicines into a legitimate supply chain."

- Tim Marsh

Supply Chain Security Consultant

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Scenario 1: A National Security Threat

A hacker group breached a Government’s National ID database and gained administrative control of the personally identifiable information stored on every citizen, politician, military personnel, and law enforcement official in the country.

Exploiting the Government’s National ID database can result in:

  • Fake ID’s
  • Financial Fraud
  • Terrorism.
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Scenario 2: Corporate Security Threat

A hacker group breached a Corporate anti-counterfeit and/or serialization/track & trace database and gained administrative control.

Exploiting the Corporate anti-counterfeit and/or serialization/track & trace database can result in:

  • Counterfeiting
  • Diversion
  • False Positives
  • Financial Loss
  • Harm To Reputation