Six Degrees Counterfeit Prevention LLC (6DCP)’s mission is to help brand owners realize significant returns on their investments by offering technology that can increase revenue, reduce overhead, improve information management, and streamline operations. The company is dedicated to providing an innovative and sophisticated, yet simple, solution to protect the value of goods and the reputation and royalties of intellectual property holders worldwide. 6DCP is located in Woodland Hills, California. For additional information, please contact us at

Experts Say

“Defining drop shipments is an important issue. There are novel low cost methods that guarantee product authentication as pennies per unit that cannot be reverse engineered......“While I did not work with Privacy Inside (now Cryptocodex) on this application, I did a preliminary analysis of their merging barcodes with PHR and found this approach a strong audit tool for counterfeit commercial goods

Andre Szykier, Chief Scientist at Aegis Health Security


Simple is always better ... by elimination of the perceived complexity in the authentication world 6DCP products could be a pivot point that will help achieve a more reasonable following.”

Michael Agee (RIP), Brand Protection Specialist


“Having come from a solution provider that used encryption based technologies for serialization, I was well aware of your company and knew the respect you have garnered for your technology. However, as I have come to know more about it through our discussions and demonstrations, I am simply overwhelmed by the strength of your product. You are able to cover the three central tenets of brand protection in the most forceful way possible – security, scalability, and performance.

– Dr. Avi Chaudhuri

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