Six Degrees Counterfeit Prevention LLC (6DCP) is a US based firm specializing in unique identification solutions custom designed to protect National Security Interests and Intellectual Property Rights by eliminating the greatest points of failure in securing, storing, and authenticating sensitive information.

The [Security] Golden Rule: Never Place All Your Eggs In One Basket

Stockbrokers, Financial Advisers, Venture Capitalists, and Private Investors often advise their clients to never place all your eggs in one basket. The diversification of their investment greatly minimizes risk, while maximizing success.

At 6DCP, we have applied a similar approach to data security, storage, and authentication. Our custom designed anti-counterfeit and/or document security solutions are technology agnostic, integrate seamlessly into existing ID acquisition and management, ERP, Tax, Track & Trace, or other software and has a low barrier to entry.


Counterfeit Detection

Instant product verification process with unique product ID.


Diversion Detection

Detect and identify the location of diverted products.

marketing acceleration

Marketing Acceleration

Connectivity with the consumer beyond point of purchase.


Track & Trace

Unique ID provides manufactures instant track and trace capabilities.


Document Protection

Protects the content of the entire document from modification.

real time

Real Time Metrics

Real-time data integration, analysis and reporting.

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